at 12:00 am on january 1st I better have either another person or a bottle of vodka on my lips

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i can’t be mad at any animal for more than 2 seconds

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"I don’t think Ryan Braun needed to dive for that ball… but he did"

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Had a tornado yesterday. Still hard to believe but thankful that family and friends were all okay. Lots of cleaning up to do!

I think I have it all figured out. I’ll dedicate my life to finding Taylor Swift out in public somewhere and then when I find her, I’ll propose to her. No way she could say no right? :)

the only thing that i’ve learned so far from this 10 paged research paper is that i probably should have read the 480 paged book i’m writing it on

but you know what they say

ain’t nobody got time for that

so we have dog treats…

…at work and usually whenever someone comes through the drive-thru and they have a dog, we ask them if their dog would like a treat. well there was a woman that came through today and i thought she had a dog in the backseat because i just glanced real quick and saw something sticking out the window and picked up the dog treats and was like “would your dog like a dog treat?” she looked at me all confused and was like “i don’t have a dog…?” and i looked at the dog, that was actually a little kid sticking his head out of the window